All You Need to Know


*** “AFRICAN DREAM PARADE” is a tour with many legs, stretching across Africa to raise awareness for abused animals, uplifting communities through Music & Volunteering.

“African Dream Parade is also (and conveniently so) the name of Ann Jangle’s first solo album (3rd Studio album) that will be promoted on tour where a percentage of album sales go toward a community project or animal welfare group in the area.


*** After the 1st leg of the tour (Gauteng, Freestate, KZN & back down the Garden Route from August till December – this will be the biggest financial boost of the tour, to sustain movement over the borders) Ann Jangle will be volunteering at different Animal Sanctuaries, Orphanages, get absolutely involved in community projects at different organisations & give back to those in need. Entering over the first border into Botswana in January 2019.

Ann is an activist, already involved in raising awareness of the deadly affects of plastic and is actively involved in housing stray/abused dogs in association with different animal welfare groups.

The vision is to reach Kenya over a more or less 2 year period (but with all the information already gathered, could take much longer) Playing music wherever possible but ultimately giving back to communities in need.

Music is a universal language and where ever she finds herself, setting up the sound P.A and playing some music to bring about Unity, is a magical way to reconnect and bring people together.

With 1 Transporter Van, 1 mini Rescue dog named Kevin, Musically involved crew members who would like to join and one mission, the “AFRICAN DREAM PARADE” is exactly that, Through AFRICA. awareness is the ultimate DREAM, travelling as a unit, a team, a show is the PARADE.

3. GOAL?

*** Raising awareness for abused animals i.e. Illegal Donkey Trade, Over Fishing, Rhino Horn trade/illegal poaching, Starving dogs. through the help of fellow animal lovers and active members of communities we are hoping to get occasional accommodation and food in exchange for live music performances and volunteering.


*** I’m 32 years old, I have been playing music most my life. I’m not married, I don’t have kids and I am extremely passionate about animals and people, especially women who have experienced trauma as it is something I can relate to. The calling is there to give back and do my part and NOTHING is going to stop me.


“What counts is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” -Nelson Mandela



Ann Jangle supports “A Donkey’s Life”

Keegan Horn is walking from Eastern Cape to Morocco raising awareness for donkeys.

Please follow Keegan on his journey –