Ann Jangle’s First Europe Tour

I am very excited to kick off my first Europe Tour this week. It’s a dream come true and its only the beginning of a magical journey that lies ahead. 30 gigs in 30 days. I am so excited to see the different countries and meet new people I can share my music with.

In the end, it’s all I have to give. It’s important to me to keep moving forward, to keep growing. When we stop swimming we drown. I wish to make new connections and exchange ideas with different people from all around the world. In the end we are all driven by more or less the same things, hurts by the same things, moved by the same things, controlled by the same things. Music is the one tool that brings us together. A powerful center point where we can meet & relate.

Whether it’s to hate together or to love together. Music allows us to do it together. This is the message I carry over with my music, to those who take the time to listen, and people are really interested in what I have to say here in Europe. I realised that there are so many people who don’t listen to music unless it’s the shit on the radio, the crap that gets pounded into the ears of the people who take their kids to school or on their way to work.

To be able to play music live is one of the most powerful tools to own. To be able to move people, make people think and feel, which is not something the society we live in today promotes. They prefer keeping people brain dead hence the crap that gets played on the radio stations. Europe has welcomed me with open arms and I’m really excited to see what happens this next month.
Ann Jangle

No upcoming shows scheduled

Past Shows

27 Jul 2017 Pretoria, Gauteng ( ZA ) Railways Cafe Railways Cafe
20 Jul 2017 Stellenbosch, Western Cape ( ZA ) Balboa Bar Balboa Bar
19 Jul 2017 Cape Town, Western Cape ( ZA ) Vic Bar Vic Bar
15 Jul 2017 Fish Hoek, Cape Town, Western Cape ( ZA ) Cottage Club Cottage Club
07 Jul 2017 Scarborough, Western Cape ( ZA ) Camel Rock Camel Rock
01 Jul 2017 Cape Town, Western Cape ( ZA ) The Drawing Room The Drawing Room
26 May 2017 Ponta Malongane, MZ STRAB Festival Ponta Malongane STRAB Festival Ponta Malongane
12 May 2017 Cape Town, Western Cape ( RSA ) Cafe Roux Cafe Roux
06 May 2017 Kathu, Northern Cape ( RSA ) OppiPlaas Music Fest OppiPlaas Music Fest
29 Apr 2017 Knysna, Western Cape ( ZA ) Mitchels Brewery Mitchels Brewery
28 Apr 2017 Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape ( ZA ) The Music Kitchen The Music Kitchen
27 Apr 2017 Cape St. Francis Bay, Eastern Cape ( ZA ) Rock Lily Music Bar & Grill Rock Lily Music Bar & Grill
26 Apr 2017 Wilderness, Western Cape ( ZA ) Cocomo Restaurant Cocomo Restaurant
25 Apr 2017 Plettenberg bay, Western Cape ( ZA ) Surf Cafe Surf Cafe
21 Apr 2017 Cape Town, Western Cape ( ZA ) The Tasting Room The Tasting Room
13 Apr 2017 Stellenbosch, Western Cape ( ZA ) Balboa Balcony Bar Balboa Balcony Bar
12 Apr 2017 Noordhoek, Western Cape ( ZA ) Cafe Roux Cafe Roux
05 Apr 2017 Cape Town, Western Cape ( ZA ) Truth Coffee Truth Coffee
24 Feb 2017 Windhoek, Khomas Hochland ( NA ) THE WAREHOUSE THEATRE THE WAREHOUSE THEATRE
09 Feb 2017 Muizenberg, Cape Town, Western Cape ( RSA ) THE HIVE THE HIVE
28 Jan 2017 , Western Cape ( RSA ) LITTLE GIG FEST LITTLE GIG FEST
26 Jan 2017 Riviersonderend, Western Cape ( RSA ) Up the Creek Festival Up the Creek Festival
20 Jan 2017 Ann Jangle & Aiden Martin Cape Town, Western Cape ( RSA ) Rabbit Hole Rabbit Hole
29 Dec 2016 Drakensberg, Kwazulu Natal ( RSA ) Smokin Dragon Festival Smokin Dragon Festival
19 Dec 2016 Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape ( RSA ) Plettenberg Bay Festival Plettenberg Bay Festival
17 Dec 2016 Knysna, Western Cape ( RSA ) Knysna Blues Fest Knysna Blues Fest
10 Dec 2016 Sean Koch Trio, Ann Jangle Scarborough, Western Cape ( RSA ) Camel Rock Camel Rock
09 Dec 2016 Cape Town, Western Cape ( RSA ) Blah Blah Bar Blah Blah Bar
25 Nov 2016 Berlin, GER Al Hamra Al Hamra
24 Sep 2016 Magdeburg, GER Strüdelhof Strüdelhof
19 Aug 2016 Berlin, GER Speiches Rock und Blueskneipe Speiches Rock und Blueskneipe
05 Aug 2016 Vienna, AUT Afrika Tage Festival Afrika Tage Festival
30 Jul 2016 , CHE Triebguet Baden Festival Triebguet Baden Festival
29 Jul 2016 Bern, CHE No Borders, No Nations - Reitschule Sommerfest No Borders, No Nations - Reitschule Sommerfest
22 Jul 2016 Berlin, GER Franken Franken
18 Jul 2016 Bayern, GER Woodstokenweiler Woodstokenweiler
24 Jun 2016 Scarborough, Western Cape ( RSA ) Camel Rock Camel Rock
16 Jun 2016 Durban, RSA Smoking Dragon Fest Smoking Dragon Fest
21 May 2016 Tulbagh, Western Cape ( RSA ) Saronberg Theater Tulbagh Saronberg Theater Tulbagh
20 May 2016 Durbanville, Western Cape ( RSA ) Rabbit Hole Rabbit Hole
14 May 2016 Cape Town, Western Cape ( RSA ) Hillcrest Quarry Hillcrest Quarry
12 May 2016 Cape Town, Western Cape ( RSA ) Sargent Pepper Sargent Pepper
08 May 2016 Cape Town, Western Cape ( RSA ) Hillcrest Quarry Hillcrest Quarry
05 May 2016 Cape Town, Western Cape ( RSA ) Aces & Spades Aces & Spades
04 May 2016 Cape Town, Western Cape ( RSA ) Truth Coffee Cafe Truth Coffee Cafe
19 Feb 2016 Berlin, GER Franken Franken
08 Jan 2016 Berlin, GER Made In Wedding Made In Wedding
05 Dec 2015 Berlin, DE Die Leckereienfabrik Die Leckereienfabrik
15 Nov 2015 Zweibrücken, DE Wohnzimmerkonzert Wohnzimmerkonzert
14 Nov 2015 Koblenz, DE Hausshow Hausshow
13 Nov 2015 Zweibrücken , DE Juz Juz
12 Nov 2015 Trier, DE Miss Marples Miss Marples
11 Nov 2015 Kassel, DE Weinbergkrug Weinbergkrug
10 Nov 2015 Nürnberg, DE MataHari bar MataHari bar
09 Nov 2015 Jena, DE Freiraum Freiraum
07 Nov 2015 Hamburg, DE Mobile Blues Club Mobile Blues Club
06 Nov 2015 Bremen, DE Green Bites Green Bites
05 Nov 2015 Minden, DE Papagei Papagei
04 Nov 2015 Bree, NL Ammeloela Ammeloela
03 Nov 2015 Middelburg, NL Korte Delft 5 Korte Delft 5
02 Nov 2015 Mainz, DE Kulturcafé Kulturcafé
01 Nov 2015 Amsterdam, NL House Show House Show
31 Oct 2015 Eernegem, BE B52 B52
30 Oct 2015 Meisenthal, DE Moon K'fé Moon K'fé
29 Oct 2015 Koblenz, DE Freiraum Freiraum
28 Oct 2015 Landshut, DE Schwarzer Hahn Schwarzer Hahn
27 Oct 2015 Bern, CH Rössli Rössli
26 Oct 2015 Freiburg, DE El Haso El Haso
25 Oct 2015 Luzern Bruch Brothers Bar Bruch Brothers Bar
24 Oct 2015 Timelkam, A Bart Bart
23 Oct 2015 Feldkirch, A Chybulski Chybulski
22 Oct 2015 München, DE Hausshow Hausshow
21 Oct 2015 Ljubjlana, SL Gala Hala Gala Hala
20 Oct 2015 Budapest, HU Ye Club Ye Club
19 Oct 2015 Wien, A Polka Dot Polka Dot
18 Oct 2015 Tabor, CZ Trafik Club Trafik Club
17 Oct 2015 Leipzig, DE Hausshow Hausshow
16 Oct 2015 Zittau, DE Cafe Emil Cafe Emil
15 Oct 2015 Magdeburg, GER Strudelhof Strudelhof
18 Sep 2015 Berlin, GER Madame Claud Madame Claud
04 Sep 2015 Magdeburg, GER Elbkonzert Elbkonzert
29 Aug 2015 Hamburg Bistro Tati Bistro Tati
22 Aug 2015 Berlin, GER Speiche's Kneipe Speiche's Kneipe
15 Aug 2015 Hiddensee, GER At Baltic Sea Island Nature Reserve At Baltic Sea Island Nature Reserve
03 Jul 2015 Hohenlockstedt, GER Studio 42 Studio 42
02 Jul 2015 Hamburg, GER Good Old Days Dance Bar Good Old Days Dance Bar
28 Jun 2015 Potsdam, GER Flee Market Flee Market
19 Jun 2015 Berlin, GER Ramones Museum Ramones Museum
18 Jun 2015 Potsdam, GER Acoustic Café Acoustic Café
15 Jun 2015 Berlin, GER Valentine Stüberle Valentine Stüberle
13 Jun 2015 Berlin, GER Franken Franken
04 Jun 2015 Cape Town Aces 'n Spades Aces 'n Spades
27 May 2015 Ponta Malongane STRAB STRAB
24 May 2015 Johannesberg Paputzis Linden Paputzis Linden
23 May 2015 Pretoria Arcade Empire Arcade Empire
16 May 2015 Cape Town Mercury Mercury
09 May 2015 Stellenbosch Aandklas Aandklas
08 May 2015 Tulbagh Saronsberg Theater Saronsberg Theater
02 May 2015 Glencairn, Simon's Town Stoep and Swing Stoep and Swing
25 Apr 2015 Stellenbosch Sandringham Sandringham
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