Rebel – Official Music Video

This song was written to channel those emotions which so many people experience in romantic relationships that don’t work. Instead of seeing them as a time to move on, we, in a Westernised culture, tend to hold on for dear life and miss the lesson that was meant to be learnt. This song, just like Ann Jangles’ first solo track called “Nothing Left” is an honest piece of work, making herself vulnerable. Even her voice comes across softer, more humble bringing about a sense of maturity.

“REBEL” is written to every person who has ever fallen in love with danger OR has ever stupidly wanted to change another individual. This song is also a THANK YOU” to the people who without even knowing, has made us stronger.

Written & Performed by Ann Jangle.
Recorded at Rootspring Studios.
Mixed & Mastered by Robin Walsh Videography by Dino Denton

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