Kicking Sawdust:

“to follow or be a part of the circus.”


This is the title of Ann Jangle’s much anticipated second album. It showcases Ann Jangle breaking the blues mould and weaving a rich tapestry of multiple genres. Although Blues has proved she is an artist capable of intimate storytelling, Kicking Sawdust, aims to announce Ann Jangle to a wider audience, a bigger sound, a bigger production on stage.

The 1st album was firmly rooted in the Blues. I love the Blues, it wiped many tears off my face and got me through more than any human being could ever help me through in one life time. Thing is, I just always knew I wanted to do-, experience- and experiment with bigger, not so ‘in-a-box’ sound. I was bursting to break away from any specific genre. I got a taste of the big sound, the big, bouncy, Ska infused, Jazz whipped, Borderline Metal, Mind-Blowing-Boogey and knew that it was something I had to dip all corners of my heart into. “

– Ann Jangle –

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The first single off ‘Kicking Sawdust’ is Moral Code. Ann Jangle recorded this song a few years back, but decided to release it again with a more distinct infusion of current influence. The meaning of the song runs deep rooted for Ann Jangle, as she explains below.

“Everybody on earth has some form of moral code they live by. This song is about how the world changes that code for each individual every day, without their consent. Maybe someone who believed in true love and the better good of the human race was hurt so deeply that they no longer treat people in a loving manner. Whatever the case, we as humans get dealt some pretty shitty cards sometimes but in the end it only contributes to our strength.”



  • Hey there!

    Thanks so much for the support , if you are currently living outside of Cape Town,I constantly post my albums to fans across the world.

    If you would like me to post you a copy please send me your details via email. As soon I find proof of payment I post it through.

    Just send your details via the contact page and that will send me an email.

    Ann Jangle

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